Feel For


"Feel For"

ON VIEW: JUNE 28 - AUGUST 12, 2018

Alchemy presents the work of seven artists whose work reflects new ways of thinking about the ancient concept of alchemy – the transformation of matter. Employing diverse media, these artists transform non-conventional materials to create visually layered statements about the body and gender, race, and the environment. Their work – including large-scale installations and work commissioned by BRIC – also manifests the potential for the spiritual to be drawn out from the quotidian world around us. As is BRIC’s tradition for summer exhibitions, Alchemy will be accompanied by a series of lively Wednesday evening and Friday afternoon public programs including those dedicated to conversation, performance, dance, and the healing arts.

Exhibiting artists include Nicole AwaiSerra Victoria Bothwell FelsBorinquen GalloPhoebe GripMiatta KawinziAnna Riley, and Kennedy Yanko.

Nana Ya Asare Boadu (@lalanana7) will perform at the opening reception, responding to the work of Kennedy Yanko.

Cost - Free Admission
Location - 647 Fulton Street (Enter at Rockwell Place)
Brooklyn, Ny, 11217

Artist Statement

Kennedy Yanko is a sculptor whose practice is built upon paradox. Her work addresses how human perception and societal expectation are often in conflict with each other. Yanko alternates between intuitive systems and physically rigorous material processes to produce her work. Her current work investigates the bodily and human relationship to industrial materials, in which she insists on viewing as objects from nature. Yanko's practice exemplifies a form of meditation between the natural and man-made world.

Feel For is a new project by Kennedy Yanko featuring an immersive installation and collaborative performance with artist Nana Ya Asare Boadu. This project will be shown as part of the BRIC group exhibition, “Alchemy.” Incorporating the use of repurposed industrial metals such as tin ceiling and inherently natural materials such as moss and water, Yanko's work provides a built environment for the psyche to reimagine its dogmatic constructs. Boadu responds to the sculptural objects and landscape that Yanko actualizes, making the physical nuances of Yanko’s work palpable to the viewer. In her intuitive movement, Boadu demonstrates an elevated perception that transcends the conceptual structure of this piece.