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Introducing Kennedy Yanko’s solo show with Kavi Gupta Gallery, September 19 - December 14, 2019.



"Black Garnet," detail. 64.5 x 40.5 x 20.7 in. Metal, paint skin. 2019.


“In preparation for HANNAH—her first solo show at Kavi Gupta—Yanko chose to engage in more of an open call and response with the pre-existing narratives of her materials.

Says Yanko, “It was a very different experience creating this show. It became about slowing down and taking more time to allow the conceptual aspects to develop as I manipulated and created each work. Initially, while searching for the base materials, I was drawn to metals that had direct characteristics related to their past lives. These markings appeared so perfectly I didn’t feel I had the agency to remove them.”

Rather than eliminating evidence of the past—which was about allowing viewers to stay more in the moment with her works—Yanko felt compelled to start incorporating the imposed history of her materials into their present forms.

The works in HANNAH express this shift, retaining bits of text and aged, painted surfaces—echoes of their material past.”

Press Release, Kavi Gupta.

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